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Uniting Music Tastes With One Tap


Experience Music Like Never Before

Dive into the world of Verse, the groundbreaking platform that transforms any gathering into a musical masterpiece. No more battling over the aux cord; with Verse, every track resonates with the collective vibe of the room. Experience the evolution of music curation and unite everyone through the universal language of melody.


Experience the simplicity of our advanced NFC device for $15. With a quick tap of their phones, guests are immediately connected, automating the entire process. Dive into the next level of effortless interaction and instant connectivity.

Simplified Guest Experience

Using our intuitive NFC device, guests can effortlessly tap and authenticate with their music streaming platform. The process is streamlined and uncomplicated: no downloads, no hassles. Everything is accessible through a simple website, ensuring a frictionless and enjoyable musical experience for all attendees.

Powered By AI

Our in-development, AI-driven platform delves deep into attendees' musical preferences, using intricate metrics to select the perfect song every time. Each track is carefully curated, ensuring a harmonious match for the collective vibe. Experience unmatched precision with every beat.

Your Personal DJ

Leveraging AI technology, our system mixes and transitions songs, mirroring the collective musical taste of everyone at the event. It's as if a personal DJ tailors each beat, ensuring a seamless and tailored playlist for all. Dive into a harmoniously orchestrated experience.

One tap. Combine. Create.

At Verse, we're dedicated to providing the ultimate music experience. No more sending a link through email. No more awful music. With just one tap, combine, then create. Combine with friends, combine with strangers. With Verse, it's all the same. 

Our Offerings

For just $15, you'll be able to revolutionize the way music is played at your events. For another $2 per month, you'll be able to mix and transition songs perfectly and effortlessly with our DJ feature.

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